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the syllable that opened an eye micah cavaleri

The poetry of this volume takes us into the bird-twitter language that unravels the most difficult philosophical knots. As readers pass through Mexico, Nicaragua, Greece, somewhere in Africa, China, we feel through the words and spacing and punctuation on the page what is immediately, clearly communicated, rather than working to decode and understand the book’s meaning. The poems demonstrate the anti-philosophy of the opening essay of the first edition in a way revealing what can be called mystical, void of a clear and rigid metaphysics, soaked in language and the very real world.

The romances and other poems micah cavaleri

A book that recaptures the heart of romance. A syntactic meditation on love.

Magical Energy in the Gnostic Mass IAO131

Frater IAO131 explores the concept of magickal energy both theoretically and practically.

Sighs and Stray Gusts and Other Occasional Poems Frank Praeger

A quiet voice finds himself astonished by the luminosity of nature and the inadequacy of language.

Witness: A Memoir Scott Rutherford

“I wish to say something about my passage through the world, particularly about the last 30 years. In 1985, when I was 52 years old, I experienced an epiphany. God broke through. I came to know and believe in Jesus Christ. My life was given new structure, new direction, new meaning. I was a convert. What is rather improbable about my conversion was that I knew almost nothing about Christianity.”